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The shoes collect in your shoe drive fundraiser are processed in our Los Angeles warehouse for export to various countries in South America, Central America & Africa. There, we work with businesses where we create thousands of jobs for micro-entrepreneurs who resell, repair, and re-purpose the shoes as a means of supporting their families. It’s an amazing way to help people become self-sufficient and get them out of the poverty trap and on to a brighter path.

When you host an TFC shoe drive fundraiser there is NO cost to you. Our programs are 100% FREE.

You check is issued in the mail within the same week of your final invoice after your shoe drive is completed.

No, you do not need to be a non-profit organization. Anyone is welcome to host a shoe drive fundraiser with The Fundraising Company! If the check is not being made out to an organization, a W9 form will be required for any individual who is receiving the check.

When you host a shoe drive fundraiser with The Fundraising Company the quality of she shoes is essential. All shoes collected from a TFC fundraiser are distributed globally. The very same shoes you collect, end up on the soles of thousands of people across the globe. Many of the shoes from your donation are sent to developing nations where shoes are a necessity. When we say gently worn, we mean NO holes. The shoes must have good soles left. If you wouldn’t wear them, please do not put them in your collection.

We offer two different shoe drive options; Mixed shoe drives, and Athletic shoe drives. We operate in 48 states, excluding Hawaii & Alaska.
There is no limit as to how many shoe drives you can host. Our most successful charities host a well planned and large shoe drive campaign twice a year. Many have raised $5,000 or more. As a result, making this a great annual fundraiser for many schools, teams, clubs, churches and charitable organizations.

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