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Each drive has different guidelines , so before you start your fundraiser make sure you know what to expect - how many shoes you have to collect, how much you can raise, and what kinds of shoes are accepted. Cant decide? Book a call with a fundraising coordinator, to learn more about which type of fundraiser is best for you!

Sneaker Drive


New or lightly used (no rip or tears)

Shoe Types

Sneakers Work boots / Sturdy Outdoor Boots (e.g. Doc Martins, hiking boots, etc.)

Minimum Needed

700 pairs

Funds Raised


Mixed Drive


New or lightly used (no rip or tears)

Shoe Types

Any Shoes (e.g. sandals, slip ons, sneakers, flats, boots) NO slippers - NO heels

Minimum Needed

1500 pairs

Funds Raised


Our dedicated fundraising coordinator will help you turn your idea into an event. Resources include personalized flyers and social media posts designed how you want them! We’ll even reach out to local papers in your area to help raise community awareness through a local press release! So give us a call or send an email to let a coordinator know you'd like to start your fundraiser, and we'll set you up with the tools you need for success.

Fundraising Guide

Access to a dedicated Fundraising Coordinator 7 days a week.

Video Guide

5 course video guide on "How to Run a Successful Fundraiser.

Press Release

Press Releases in your local paper to raise community awareness!


Personalized marketing materials including flyers and social posts.

Once you you have met the requirements of your fundraiser, your fundraising coordinator will work with you to prepare for shipping at a time that works best for you. Packaging is reimbursed and all shipping is free! Once the shoes arrive you can expect a check in the mail within 2 weeks.

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Success Stories

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"...We have collected over 920 pounds of shoes...this is a perfect distancing fundraiser. We posted on our social media accounts and picked up shoes from peoples porches or they left them on our porch. This is the third time we've worked with Angel Bins, they're fantastic to work with and it's so easy".

-Thanks Julie Young!

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Help Spread the Love

The Fundraising Company is working to change the way you and I recycle our clothes and shoes…but we can’t do it
without your help!
By becoming an ambassador for TFC you can help spread the love by telling sharing our mission with your friends,
family and community through your social media.

By joining our squad of ambassadors you can help raise millions of dollars for organizations right here at home,
while also diverting millions of pounds of textiles away from landfills. It doesn’t stop there, all shoes are sent
overseas to developing nations in South America and Africa where the are resold by micro-entrepreneurs assisting
them in financial independence all while shoeing their community!

All you have to do is get online!
Join the movement today!


buying shoes at a shoe drive

Collecting shoes with The Fundraising Company gets you paid! Use the money for the cause of your choice. We've helped people raise money for everything from charitable donations to making rent! It's your fundraiser and your cause!

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Donating shoes that you may have grown out of, or simply don't wear anymore to a shoe drive, means those shoes don't get thrown away! Be apart of the solution by reducing your waste.

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African lady holding a shoe

All shoes are sent overseas to Africa and South America to be resold by female micro-entrepenuers in developing nations. Allowing them the chance to gain financial independence, support their families, and shoe their communtiy.

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