What is a mixed shoe drive?


Collect Shoes + Get Paid

Why Run a Shoe Drive?

The Fundraising Company loves to help, people, schools, sports teams, and organizations to raise much needed funds.

Fundraising doesn’t have to be difficult. That’s why TFC has come up with a solution for any group looking to make big bucks fast. All you have to do is collect a variety of new or gently worn mixed shoes. We pay you per pound. You receive a check. It’s that simple.

The Fundraising Company has helped thousands of people and organizations across the nation raise funds in an easy, fun, and environmentally sustainable way.

Traditional fundraising methods are no more! This new and creative fundraising idea works for all groups, big or small. To top it off, it’s completely free. When you host a TFC shoe drive fundraiser, there is nothing to buy and nothing to sell. All you have to do is collect new or gently worn mixed shoes in support of your cause.

What does 1500 pairs of shoes look like?

Don’t forget all your shoes need to be in pairs, tied together with a rubber band or by shoe laces. Mixed shoe drives are all types of shoes, all sizes, no heels or slippers.


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