SoCal Residents

Drop off your shoes and redeem your rewards!

The Fundraising Company wants to pay you for collecting shoes. We are located in Los Angeles, California, and thought we should make it easier for locals to run a shoe drive fundraiser! By dropping off your shoes you can enjoy the following benefits!​

Lower Minimums

Both of our shoe drive programs have minimum requirements for how many shoes you have to collect to get paid. If you’re dropping off, go ahead and cut the minimum requirements in half!

Higher Pay-out

Our shoe drive programs pay you per pound for your shoes. By dropping off you will receive a $0.10 per pound bonus!

Avoid the Hassle of Shipping

Everything becomes a lot more simple once you decide to drop off. If your fundraiser decides to drop off the shoes they’ve collected, you can avoid the boxes and pallets, and simply drop-off in large trash bags!

drop your shoes


Shoe Drive Fundraising is a fun and unique way to raise funds for your non-profit
organization, PTA or PTO, Athletic Booster Club, or personal club! Unlike other
fundraisers, running a shoe drive does not require you to buy anything or sell anything.
Simply ask your friends, family, and community members to donate their used shoes. If
you’re in Southern California and looking for a fundraising opportunity near you, look no
further. You can run a fundraiser for free, with no sign-up costs or hidden fees. By having
your community donate their used shoes, you’re helping both the planet and your
organization. All shoes collected go to those in need in developing countries instead of the
landfill. Now that’s impact! You can collect hundreds of shoes and raise thousands of
dollars. If you’re looking for fundraising ideas in California – look no further!

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