Fundraising For Animals!

Unique Ways on Fundraising for Animals

The Fundraising Company has supported many different organizations and individuals on Fundraising for Animals that help with:

  • Animal Shelters
  • Service Pet
  • Veterinary Bills
  • Pet Adoption
  • Foster Care
  • Animal Rescue Groups
Unique Animal Fundraiers

There are dozens of ways to raise funds for your animals needs. Foster care costs, service animal fees, vet bills, and adoption costs.

1. Shoe Drive

Of course we recommend a shoe drive fundraiser to raise funds for your pet adoption, rescue, or other needs, it’s what TFC does best! If you’re looking to raise funds, The Fundraising Company knows you’re not looking to spend money. That is why our fundraisers are completely free! There are no sign-up costs, all packaging costs are reimbursed and TFC pays for all shipping ahead of time. This way as our fundraising partner, all you have to worry about it collecting shoes. So what is a shoe drive? It’s simple, your job is to collect new and gently worn shoes from your friends, family and community, and we will pay you for what you collect! This is a great way to raise upwards of thousands of dollars just by collecting shoes. If you go this direction you won’t have to try and sell anything, no more asking people for monetary donations – simply ask others to clean out their closet and you’ll be on your way to raising funds!

2. Car Wash

If you’re raising money for your furry friends this is a great way to get your pet’s some fun in the sun, while also fundraising for animals. Set up a drive-thru area in your community for both and car wash and a pet wash! This will give your donors an opportunity to receive a much needed service for the donation. You can set up a pet washing and a car washing station right outside your house, or ask a local business to donate their parking lot. While your donors are waiting for the cars and pets to be washed tell them why you’re raising funds! This will get the donors more involved, and more likely to share your fundraiser with their network. It’s a great way to give back to the community in a fun way, while also raising funds!

3. Dog Walking

This fundraising idea can be carried out in different ways. Firstly, you can simply offer the service of walking your communities pets to raise funds. If there aren’t a lot of people who are in need of dog-walking services, you can also organize a walk-a-thon for the community to have a great time walking their pets together, and donating funds to your cause for every mile walked. Those participating have pets, and therefore will be more likely to donate to your cause as they probably love animals just as much as you!

4. Swap Meet/Yard Sale

There are probably a lot of members in your community who are in need of a little spring cleaning. Take this opportunity to share with your neighbors your need to raise funds and why! Organize a day and time for the community to come together for a large event in a public setting. There they can sell their used goods instead of donating them, and funds raised from the sales will be donated towards your fundraiser! This fundraising idea is both sustainable, and a great way to being the community together!

5. Pet Sitting

This is another easy service to offer that people need, and are willing to pay for. If you let the person you are pet sitting for know that your doing to raise funds they may even double what they’ll pay you! Start by making flyers and leaving in your neighbors mailboxes. Let your community know that you’re running a fundraiser, and in order to raise funds your offering pet sitting services. This was as your donors are out of town, they will know their furry loved one is being taken care of.

Fundraising for Animals

Looking for Unique ways to raise funds for your animal needs. Raise funds to cover pet adoption fees, foster care, service animal costs, or vet bills.

These are not all the ways your can raise funds if you’re looking for to cover pet adoption fees, veterinary bills, foster care expenses, or service pet costs. Check out Fundly for 48 more ways to raise funds for your animal needs!

Fundraising Ideas for Pets and Animals

If your interested in running a Shoe Drive Fundraiser, sign-up for free with The Fundraising Company!

Reach out to a TFC Fundraising Coordinator today!


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