Did you know that there are ways to raise money for yourself, your organization and your community while also decreasing your carbon footprint? You have probably heard of canned food drives being run by your local school or church, but there are also fundraisers like Clothing Drives and Shoe Drives. Out of the box fundraising ideas like these enable you to give back to your community and the planet. 

Tracking your footprint

Fundraising Ideas For The Saving The Planet

It may surprise you to learn that in 2018 11.3 million tons of textiles ended up in a landfill, that is 8% of all landfill deposits for the year – from things like clothes and shoes only! You also may be shocked to hear that 84 percent of all clothes will end up in a landfill as well. A majority of these items may have just gone out of style, been the wrong size, or had a minor stain on them. That is why we are sharing these fresh and creative fundraising ideas to come up with ways to break this cycle. 

By recycling your clothing, whether you’re an individual or a major retailer you can be a part of the solution rather than the problem. There are over 11,000 thrift stores in the United States alone. Whether you’re in Montana or Los Angeles, there are resources for you to take your excess shoes and clothing where they can be upcycled or recycled into something more than sitting in your trash bin! 

Bringing your fundraising ideas to life

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If you have come to the point where you’re ready to make a difference, but you are not sure where to start, take time to do a little research online. There are organizations across the country who will actually pay you to recycle. Every program is different, so you may want to try and find the program that works best for you! Try Googling Fundraising Ideas, and see what you find! Maybe you can do a bake sale, a car wash, a community event with live bands and food vendors and all ticket sales go to your cause. 

It is tried and true that the best way to make a difference in your community is to start with yourself. You want to see less trash on your streets. See if you can get a group of volunteers together, and have members of your community sponsor a volunteer each – the funds can go towards buying the necessary tools to do a street clean up project and maybe even a nice ice cream treat afterwards for all the hard work! 

Be the leader!

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Perhaps you have come up with several fundraising ideas that you would like to try but you feel a little overwhelmed by the effort or commitment it may require. There is almost 100% guarantee that you will find people in your neighborhood who want to get involved. It is 2021 and a majority of people have been stuck in their houses for the past year. Not only that but you would be surprised how many people feel good about doing good. Take this opportunity to lead the pack! Start a cooperative in your community, get the local government involved, work with the mayor and PTA Moms and Soccer Dads, utilize local businesses! 

Your fundraising ideas can be the catalyst for better funding and sustainable practices in your very own town. Sometimes we find that we are the first ones to do something, but that doesn’t mean it won’t catch on. Try reaching out to fundraising companies and schedule a consultation call with a fundraising coordinator who can help you come up with new and innovative ways to give back

Fundraising Ideas with a kick!

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If you are feeling a little overwhelmed, and not sure where to start, or concerned about social distancing while fundraising, you have come to the right place. Here at The Fundraising Company we work with individuals, organizations and really anyone who is looking to raise funds, and help them do so by collecting new and gently worn shoes from their friends, family and community. Collecting shoes can be done from a distance, and is a great nothing to buy, and nothing to sell way of fundraising! 

Individuals and groups that The Fundraising Company has worked with over this past year have shared with us some amazing new fundraising ideas, and ways that they have successfully run a socially distant shoe drive. One idea that we would love to share – a mom types out an instructional flyer stating who she was and the group that she was with. She explained that she was collecting shoes, and if they would like to donate please leave a pair in the small baggy stapled to the flyer. She instructed that she would be back in two days, and to just leave them in their mailbox or on their front porch. In just one go she collected over 300 pairs of shoes! 

Opportunity to make an impact!

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Hopefully you now have the steam and information you need to get started on your fundraising ideas today! Any of the above opportunities can land you anywhere from $1000 or more! All you have to do is put in the leg work of networking in your neighborhood, and you can make a real difference while also making cash! 

As we continue to grow as a population, and technologically our natural resources are being heavily burdened upon by our activities. We are not always aware of the amount of trash we create and throw away everyday and the advantage we take of our planet. There is no better time than today to start making a difference in your own habits, and let that be a ripple effect throughout your friends, family and community. The Fundraising Company is here to help close the loop, and break the cycle of throwing things away while bringing financial help to those around the world
Reach out to a fundraising coordinator today or check out our website for more fundraising ideas!

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