How Much Money Does A Shoe Drive Make?

How to make money with a Shoe Drive!

Let’s get straight to the point. Whether you’re an individual or an organization you’re on this page because you’re looking for ways to raise funds. There are a ton of different unique fundraisers out there, but we have a ton of reasons why shoe drive fundraising is the best option for you! The first question you might ask yourself, and the most important is; “How much money does a shoe drive make”?

How much money does a shoe drive make?

The Fundraising Company is the #1 Shoe Drive Organization. We pay the most for shoes, we offer our fundraisers flexible time frames to collect, and we’re 100% zero cost! If you choose TFC for your shoe drive fundraiser, you can make anywhere from $600-$1200+! To be clear, that is just the minimum. We have no cap on how much you can raise. The more you collect the more money you can make! So if you want to know how much money you can make with a shoe drive, it can be thousands of dollars!

Woodbridge High School ran a shoe drive fundraiser in Irvine, California, and raised $7,589!

Zero cost fundraiser with The Fundraising Company

How much money does a Shoe Drive Cost?

How much money you can make with a shoe drive fundraiser will also greatly depend on how much you spent to run your fundraiser. Another important question is, “how much will this cost us”? A Shoe Drive Fundraiser with The Fundraising Company is completely cost free! This way all you have to do is worry about collecting shoes, and leave the rest up to us! A shoe drive fundraiser is free to sign up, we create free personalized marketing materials, and we pay for all shipping costs! Therefore, how much money you can make is all profit for yourself or your organization!

How do you get paid?

So far we have discussed how much money you can make running a shoe drive fundraiser. But at The Fundraising Company we don’t like to beat around the bush. Therefore, we’re going to break down exactly how much you’re getting paid for your shoe drive fundraising efforts. To get a better idea, you’ll need to know how many pairs you’ll be collecting, how much we pay for that pair of shoes, and what that means for your fundraising goals!

We have a Mixed Shoe Drive – collect a minimum of 1500 pairs and we pay $0.40/lb = $600+ (this program does not include heels or dress shoes)

We have an Athletic Drive – collect a minimum of 700 pairs and we pay $1.50/lb = $1200+

Again, The Fundraising Company has no limits to how much you can collect and how much you can raise. Some of our partners run their shoe drives all year round! If you keep collecting, we will keep paying you! So if you’re ready to start making some real cash in fundraising this year, why not start with a shoe drive. It is a win-win all the way around!

Collect shoes and make money

What’s more, if you live near Los Angeles, and participate in our shoe drive fundraiser drop-off program, you can make even more! If you’re looking for fundraising ideas near you, and you’re located in the Southern California area, we will give you a payout bonus to drop-off your shoes! This is a great fundraising idea in California, as our warehouse is located right in South Los Angeles. What this would look like for you is:

Collect Mixed Shoes- collect a minimum of 700 pairs and we pay $0.50/lb 

Collect Athletic Shoes- collect a minimum of 300 pairs and we pay $1.60/lb

Reach out to a Fundraising Coordinator with TFC today to learn more about how much money you can make with a shoe drive fundraiser!

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