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Spring has sprung and warm weather is here to stay! As businesses, schools, and organizations begin to reopen their doors to the world, there has never been a better time to support a good cause by organizing a shoe fundraiser! 

Support local businesses with a shoe fundraiser

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Whether you are an owner, a patron, or simply an observer, it is no secret that many businesses have been largely impacted by the events that have taken place over the past year. Running a shoe fundraiser is a great way to support local businesses and band your community together.
There are a few ways to go about organizing a successful shoe fundraiser that will support a business in need. One option is to run your drive independently, and then put the profits from your shoe fundraiser directly in the hands of a local business. This is a great way to provide support to business owners and staff members without burdening them with an additional work load outside of their regular jobs.
Another option would be to partner with a local business and get the employees and customers involved directly. If you decide to go this route there are a few helpful strategies that you may want to consider. When creating marketing materials, fliers, press releases, or social media content, be sure to include the name and/or logo of the business that you wish to support to raise awareness about the purpose of your shoe fundraiser. You may also consider asking the owner(s) of the business to get involved directly.

Business owners can bolster the support of your shoe fundraiser in a number of ways. Perhaps incentivize your shoe fundraiser by offering a nominal discount to anyone willing to donate a pair of new or gently worn shoes with their purchase. There is also the option of setting up permanent shoe donation drop off boxes so that patrons may participate in your shoe fundraiser at their convenience. 

Support your school with a fundraiser

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Parents everywhere are rejoicing as schools everywhere have begun to reopen their doors. Whether or not the students themselves share the same level of enthusiasm is questionable, to say the least.
Regardless, there has never been a better time support your school or local academic institution through a shoe fundraiser. You may be surprised to hear this, as you consider the fact that the current school year is almost over with summer right around the corner. This simply means that you and your fundraising team will have even more time to raise the funds you need to make sure that your school is equipped for success.

The warmer months are a great time to get out and put the word out there about your shoe fundraiser. Host a beach day, or park party where members of your community are invited to come have fun in the sun for a good cause. Reinforce the idea that anyone willing to bring shoes to be donated will be doing their part in helping ensure a successful upcoming school year. In the later months of summer pay attention to back-to-school shopping trends. August and September are great times to promote your shoe fundraiser, as many parents will be doing back-to-school shopping. Because children tend to grow out of shoes at an alarmingly fast rate, many parents will likely have used shoes that they no longer need. 

Support the environment with a fundraiser

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As the world once again comes into full bloom and invites us all to share in its natural beauty, it is important that we remember to preserve the environment around us. Whether you are a seasoned environmentalist, or simply a good Samaritan wishing to do their part in cleaning up the world, organizing a shoe fundraiser is a great way to make an impact.
Shoes discarded in landfills are harmful to the environment and don’t contribute to the advancement of a cleaner world. Of that, there is no uncertainty. As previously mentioned, Americans discard roughly 81 pounds of garments every year. However, 70% of the world’s population, wears and needs reused attire. Try not to discard your old shirts, dresses or pants in the garbage. Seek out a recycling or donation organization that will help you make an impact in the lives of individuals around the globe.
Organizing a shoe fundraiser is another great way to keep old shoes out of landfills and clean up the world around us. Consider incentivizing your shoe drive in this way, as many people will be willing to do their part to help make the world a greener place. Every shoe that you collect will be repurposed and worn by someone in need, rather than being left to decompose over many years in a landfill.

Support those in need with a shoe fundraiser

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As mentioned, many Americans are quick to discard shoes that they no longer wear even if they are still in decent condition. This contribution to “fast-fashion” has unfortunately become a convenient trend. With the ease of access to online shopping and fast delivery, we have a tendency to replace things that simply may not need replacing.

In many underdeveloped nations around the world there are people who struggle through their daily lives without adequate footwear. Many are impeded from pursuing education or job opportunities due to a lack of proper footwear. Shoes in these countries are not a resource as easily obtained as they are here in the United States.

Many of these nations have underdeveloped infrastructures and lack paved streets and roads. This means that the citizens of these countries must walk on dirt paths, subjecting themselves to harmful bacteria, diseases, and injuries. When you organize a shoe fundraiser through The Fundraising Company, you can find comfort knowing that you are doing your part to provide shoes to those who are less fortunate and in need of assistance.

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Written by Max Weinstone
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