Collect shoes.
Raise money!

Raise money for your community while supporting female entrepreneurs around the world.

Collect shoes.
Raise Funds!

We are the #1 Shoe Drive Fundraising Organization!
Free to Run - Collect in your own Time - Free Shipping.

Collect shoes.
Raise money!

Raise money for your cause by collecting shoes
from your friends, family and community!


First step in creating a Shoe Drive Fundraiser


Ask friends, family and neighbors to donate new or gently worn shoes !

Box overflowing with shoes for shoe drive fundraiser
Second step in creating a shoe drive fundraiser


Fast and free next day pickup when you're ready

Shoe Drive package shipping
Third step in creating a Shoe Drive Fundraiser


Your shoes are weighed and sorted in our facility, then your check is mailed!

Earnings from a successful shoe drive fundraiser
Fourth step in creating a Shoe Drive Fundraiser


Micro- entrepreneurs repair and resell the shoes in developing countries.

Help save the earth by recycling shoes

Supporting non-profits, schools, and various organizations raise

Working with
retailers to recycle
their overstock
inventory and
unsellable returns

Helping the
by recycling and
helping those in


Millions of people in the U.S are throwing out a pair of shoes everyday ending up in our already overflowing landfills. The Fundraising Company has come up with a solution where every one can win!

TFC works with individuals, organizations and retailers to decrease waste, repurpose that which is still useable, and provide funds. All apparel is sent overseas to developing nations resold by micro-entrepreneurs. Take whats in your closet and put it to good use – the opportunities to raise funds and give back while also protecting the planet are endless with The Fundraising Company.


Collect new and gently worn shoes from your community through a Shoe Drive.

You will have a dedicated Fundraising Guide helping you every step along the way -with goal setting, game planning and outreach!

Make $600- $1200 or more!


The Fundraising Company encourages and actively seeks out motivated individuals and organizations with a passion for impact and sustainability like us!

By partnering with The Fundraising Company, you’ll help micro- entrepreneurs in developing nations find financial independence, support their families and shoe their community.

Together we have the opportunity to help those around the world.

Join The Fundraising Company in closing the loop – we are helping people here at home and overseas by recycling and repurposing your shoes!

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the most common ways of fundraising for schools and groups is through shoe drives. Shoe drives are an excellent opportunity to set a great example, involve your community, and raise funds for shoes collected, as they are a really easy and efficient fundraising technique.

Now, for a variety of reasons, including these four main advantages, shoe drive fundraisers are an excellent fundraising option for community organizations, schools, and clubs:

  1. Fast Funds: Once your shoe drive campaign coordinator receives the funds, you will receive a check in just a few days!
  2. Minimal Costs: You don’t need to have a lot of money to organize a sneaker fundraiser.
  3. Environmental Stewardship: Did you know that old, abandoned, or unused shoes are not great for the environment? If you want to play your part in being a responsible citizen, recycling your shoes in a shoe drive is a fantastic option. 
  4. Global Philanthropy: Your donated shoes will be given to micro-entrepreneurs who repair, resell, and re-purpose the shoes as a means of supporting their families.

Shoe drives are a high-impact, low-cost fundraising option for schools and other organizations! There are countless success stories when it comes to these drives. Also, the most enthusiastic shoe drive fundraising facilitator services present fantastic opportunities to learn about the environment and the philanthropic economy on a global scale.

The entire process is really easy if you have the correct shoe drive fundraising coordinator. They’ll assist you in creating some ambitious yet realistic fundraising plans. 

Here are some helpful tips:

1. Recruit Volunteers

Identify the club or school members who are willing to take the reins of your shoe rally fundraiser and ask them to participate. You’ll need their help with shoe collection, partner identification, and campaign promotion.

2. Promote Your Fundraiser

Get the students or members of your organization to bring their extra pairs of shoes after explaining the fundraising shoe drive to them. Promote your campaign wherever you can. 

3. Collect Shoes

Give your supporters simple ways to donate their pairs of shoes. Provide a special donation box in a public space, or place a donation box in each classroom or hall. Fill the designated containers or bags that the facilitator has provided as you gather the shoes.

4. Reach Your Sales Target and Contact Your Facilitator

Contact your shoe drive fundraiser coordinator once you’ve met your shoe-collecting target to schedule a time for them to pick up all of the new shoes you collected. It’s an easy and stress-free process!

5. Get Your Money

Once the shoes arrive, the fundraising coordinator will determine the value of the shoes you collected and provide a check for the money you raised. A sneaker donation fundraiser can have a huge financial impact!

It’s vital to get the word out and motivate your members, students, and community stakeholders to donate if you’re holding a shoe collection fundraiser as a stand-alone fundraising effort or in conjunction with a bigger campaign.

Shoe drives are a novel idea for fundraising and are simple to publicize.

When it comes to shoe drive fundraising, the following promotion techniques are very effective:

1. Social Media: 

Chances are, your school or club already uses at least one social networking site to advertise events and communicate with parents and members. Make sure to promote your event on your social media platforms, particularly Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. 

Add some images of your volunteers collecting shoes, or perhaps even make a video to describe the fundraiser’s operation!

2. Printed Materials: 

Creating printed materials to describe and advertise your shoe donation fundraiser is imperative especially when it comes to a shoe fundraiser for schools! 

The following materials are essential for labeling and explaining your fundraising to kids and their parents: letters, flyers, door hangers, and collection tracking charts.

3. Promote with Your Partners: 

Contact any potential community partners who would be interested in participating! Shoe drives are a terrific way to generate money, and local businesses and other community-based groups make excellent partners. 

Similarly, if your school is considering hosting a shoe drive as a fundraiser, make sure to involve your PTA (and vice versa)! The more donations and volunteers you have, the simpler it will be to advertise your fundraiser and accomplish your objectives.

4. Promote It with Other Events:

If you decide to combine your sneaker drive fundraiser with other events, you need to communicate effectively with your audience.

Whether you’re hosting athletic or sales events, community service or volunteer programs, and festivals, invite people to bring a few pairs of shoes to donate.

Shoe drives are a very flexible form of fundraising. They work perfectly as independent fundraising initiatives. Together with the best shoe drive fundraiser facilitator, it’s easy to plan a campaign and establish some objectives. The facilitator will also give you some marketing tools and suggestions.

Make sure to spread the word about your shoe collection campaign. Furthermore, don’t forget to give your volunteers or classrooms collection bags or bins. 

Also, shoe drives are a great addition to any of your other events or campaigns!

It is simple to integrate shoe drive fundraising into your promotions and planning if parents or students are already coming together for an event that will benefit your school or group.

Think about how a shoe drive can be included in your fundraising if you organize any of the activities listed below:

  • Raffles
  • Tournaments or game nights
  • Product or service sales
  • Online fundraising campaigns
  • Festivals or fairs

If you’ve been searching for “help with a shoe drive fundraiser near me,” The Fundraising Company is here to help you make the impact you’re hoping for.

Shoe drive fundraising is not only a simple way to increase the amount of money you generate for your cause, but it also acts as a fun community project where contributors can reorganize their closets and give to charity without spending any more money.

Any organization or group that interacts often with its members, supporters, or other stakeholders would benefit greatly from shoe drive fundraising.

This means that community-based organizations, especially schools and school clubs, are well-suited for shoe drive fundraisers.

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