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Collect shoes.
Raise money!

Raise money for your community while supporting female entrepreneurs around the world.


First step in creating a Shoe Drive Fundraiser


Ask friends, family and neighbors to donate new or gently worn shoes !

Box overflowing with shoes for shoe drive fundraiser
Second step in creating a shoe drive fundraiser


Fast and free next day pickup when you're ready

Shoe Drive package shipping
Third step in creating a Shoe Drive Fundraiser


Your shoes are weighed and sorted in our facility, then your check is mailed!

Earnings from a successful shoe drive fundraiser
Fourth step in creating a Shoe Drive Fundraiser


Micro- entrepreneurs repair and resell the shoes in developing countries.

Help save the earth by recycling shoes

Supporting non-profits, schools, and various organizations raise

Working with
retailers to recycle
their overstock
inventory and
unsellable returns

Helping the
by recycling and
helping those in


Millions of people in the U.S are throwing out a pair of shoes everyday ending up in our already overflowing landfills. The Fundraising Company has come up with a solution where every one can win!

TFC works with individuals, organizations and retailers to decrease waste, repurpose that which is still useable, and provide funds. All apparel is sent overseas to developing nations resold by micro-entrepreneurs. Take whats in your closet and put it to good use – the opportunities to raise funds and give back while also protecting the planet are endless with The Fundraising Company.


Collect new and gently worn shoes from your community through a Shoe Drive.

You will have a dedicated Fundraising Guide helping you every step along the way -with goal setting, game planning and outreach!

Make $600- $1200 or more!


The Fundraising Company encourages and actively seeks out motivated individuals and organizations with a passion for impact and sustainability like us!

By partnering with The Fundraising Company, you’ll help micro- entrepreneurs in developing nations find financial independence, support their families and shoe their community.

Together we have the opportunity to help those around the world.

Join The Fundraising Company in closing the loop – we are helping people here at home and overseas by recycling and repurposing your shoes!

get paid for your leftover shoes! sign up todAY