PTO Fundraisers

PTO Fundraisers

At The Fundraising Company we know that being part of the PTO is not easy. Since PTO groups are independent from the National PTA groups, PTO groups oftentimes struggle to meet their budgets for the school year. Since PTO groups must rely on themselves, TFC helps by offering easy fundraiser ideas for schools.

Since 2012, The Fundraising Company has partnered with thousands of PTO groups across the nation. We know how hard it is for some schools in lower poverty areas to provide resources that are much needed in the classroom. That’s why TFC provides a free and easy fundraising solution for all PTO groups big or small.

By hosting a TFC shoe drive fundraiser, Your PTO group is guaranteed to make big bucks in an easy, free, and environmentally sustainable way. All you have to do is collect shoes. You set your own timeline. During that period, you run your shoe drive fundraiser. When you are done, we arrange for a pick up and pay you per lb. It’s that simple. The best part about this is that it’s 100% completely FREE of cost to your PTO group. Collecting shoes for fundraising has never been easier.

Let The Fundraising Company help you raise much needed funds for your school’s PTO fundraiser today.

To get started on your PTO fundraiser or receive more information, fill out our contact form here or call us at (213)-458-9896 Monday – Friday from 7 AM to 4 PM PST. Book your next shoe drive fundraiser today and start raising funds for your cause.